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Top Hydraulics, Inc.
90730 Southview Lane
Florence, OR 97439

Main Phone: (541) 902 3214

Company Summary Making OEM convertible top cylinders "better than new" - now also rebuilding convertible hydraulic pumps and manufacturing high-pressure hoses!

Almost all high-end convertibles today use old technology to seal the hydraulic cylinders. The shelf lifetime of the Polyurethane seals most frequently used is about ten years. Heat, water, and additives can even accelerate that decay! Top Hydraulics, Inc. uses Viton™ and Teflon™-hybrid seals, as well as advanced PU seals which far exceed the OEM's requirements for rigidity, but provide between twice and ten times the service life, based on scientific test data - our warranty proves it. The standard warranty on our rebuilds is 3 years. In some cylinders, Top Hydraulics, Inc. may exchange as many as five seals that are not O-rings (and never should be), plus the hydraulic port seals where the hydraulic hoses connect. Some of our upgrades include replacing interior parts with precisely machined ones that allow us to use seals of superior quality, material, size, and geometry. Top Hydraulics, Inc. is the largest remanufacturer of convertible top cylinders. Replacing your leaking cylinders will buy you the original problem back - Top Hydraulics' upgrades get you a product that is far better than new... Top Hydraulics, Inc. also offers rebuild services for most modern convertible top hydraulic pumps (aka hydro units), and Top Hydraulics manufactures NEW, high pressure hydraulic top hoses for most brands. At 23,200 PSI, the burst pressure of our most frequently manufactured hoses typically exceeds ten times the peak operating pressure in your top, while keeping the hoses at the same diameter as the original ones - interior Kevlar-reinforcement makes this possible.

Top Hydraulics, Inc. Product Brands For BMW, Top Hydraulics currently upgrades hydraulic system components for all roadsters Z3 and younger, and for all convertibles starting with the E46. That means, we are upgrading any BMW convertibles made from 2000.

Top Hydraulics also upgrades hydraulic liftgate cylinders and pumps.

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