Car Count 16
Mod Count 237
Total Mileage 99999999.99

What was your first car?
What is your dream car?
Crappy blue Chevy Nova
What do you do for a living?
Break stuff

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Track Car

2001 Steel Grey BMW 325iT

Date Purchased: 09/29/2000
Miles Driven: 80000
Modifications: 29

Anything less than 5 doors is pathetic.

Track Car

1991 Brilliant red BMW 318iS

Date Purchased: 12/18/2008
Miles Driven: 120000
Modifications: 46

24 Hours of Lemons

Track Car

1987 Delphin Grey BMW 325i

Date Purchased: 08/15/2002
Miles Driven: 160000
Modifications: 22

Track Car

1996 Blue BMW 328iS

Date Purchased: 06/04/2007
Miles Driven: 140000
Modifications: 27

Daily Driver

1987 Alpine White BMW 528e

Date Purchased: 04/01/2005
Miles Driven: 175000
Modifications: 6

Bone stock and staying that way. For a while, at least.

Daily Driver

1987 Black BMW 528e

Date Purchased: 07/01/1999
Miles Driven: 150000
Modifications: 2

Nice cheap daily driver for a short time. Parted out because previous owner rubbed a guard rail while drunk and I didn't want to do body work

Daily Driver

1986 Black BMW 528e

Date Purchased: 10/16/2005
Miles Driven: 180000
Modifications: 1

Ex winter beater, now a parts car

Daily Driver

1980 Anthracite Grey BMW 635CSi Euro car

Date Purchased: 09/01/1998
Miles Driven: 175000
Modifications: 10

Rusty car that was eventually parted out

Track Car

1973 Riviera Blue BMW Not Listed 2002

Date Purchased: 06/01/2001
Miles Driven: 115000
Modifications: 27

Daily Driver

1976 Sahara BMW Not Listed 2002

Date Purchased: 04/04/1989
Miles Driven: 99999999
Modifications: 13

4 spd manual, eventually became full time track car

Daily Driver

1982 Rusty Red BMW Not Listed 320is

Date Purchased: 10/10/1998
Miles Driven: 120000
Modifications: 1

Rusty car that was eventually parted out

Track Car

1988 Royal Blue BMW Not Listed 535is

Date Purchased: 06/01/1996
Miles Driven: 250000
Modifications: 41

Daily Driver

2008 Silver Honda Odyssey

Date Purchased: 01/01/2008
Miles Driven: 0
Modifications: 5

A fantastic people, dog, and stuff hauler

Daily Driver

1994 Black Saturn SL

Date Purchased: 06/01/1994
Miles Driven: 0
Modifications: 2

Um, it was cheap and reliable.

Daily Driver

1992 Green Volvo 240 GL

Date Purchased: 07/13/2013
Miles Driven: 220000
Modifications: 2

Very clean 1992 245 wagon, non-turbo with an automatic but that easily fixed later

Daily Driver

1983 Silver Volvo Not Listed 245 Turbo

Date Purchased: 06/01/1983
Miles Driven: 0
Modifications: 3

The family beater wagon

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